"put natures soil experts to work for you"
Diverse Microbial Solutions, LLC


My Soil Rx  (Soil Inoculant for Lawn & Garden )
A diverse solution of all natural living microbes and the enzymes they produce to help restore your soil  to a healthy state.  This diversity helps rebuild soil structure, improving water retention, and reducing crusting and hardpan.  Healthy soils and plants require less fertilizer, as well as other environmentally harmful products.

Septic Flush
A microbial treatment for cleansing your septic tank and leach field.
DM Plus  (Soil Inoculant for Agricultural)
A non manure based soil inoculant.  There are no lab engineered microbes in DM Plus.  The microbes include degraders, nitrogen fixers, and antibiotic producers.  The microbes are in a state of dormancy, thus allowing for an excellent shelf life.

Earth Trace Minerals
Contains sixty plus micronized nutrients for efficient use by plants.

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