"put natures soil experts to work for you"
Diverse Microbial Solutions, LLC

Benefits of DMS Soil Inoculants

 Increased Soil and Plant Health
  Easy and Economical to Use
  No Lengthy Brewing Time
  Increased Fertilizer Efficiency
  Increased Disease Resistance
  Increased Organic Matter
  Improved Soil Structure
  Reduced Crusting and Hardpan
  Improved Water Absorption
  Improved Crop Grade

DMS soil inoculants are a diverse solution of all-natural, living microbes and the enzymes they produce.  The microbes in our products include degraders, nitrogen fixers and antibiotic producers.  This diverse presence of life improves soil structure, water retention, and reduces crusting and hardpan.

Plants utilize the microbes in our soil inoculants in a symbiotic relationship taking advantage of the degrading, nitrogen fixing, and antibiotic producing microbes to increase their (plants) health.  Healthy soil and plants require less fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides.

Our soil inoculants are packaged ready to apply.  No brewing time or lengthy growing period is required.  Soil inoculants may be applied through irrigation and fertigation systems, boom sprayers, hose end sprayers, or by hand drenching.  Our soil inoculants may be applied any time of the year - spring and fall are best.  During hot or dry weather use adequate water to improve the penetration of microbes into the soil.  The suggested application rate is one quart per 5000 sq ft. for lawn and garden, or one gallon per eight acres for agricultural.   Some situations may require a greater amount.

DMS soil inoculants contain no genetically modified organisms and is not manure based.  The microbes in all DMS soil inoculants are nonpathogenic, environmentally safe, and shelf-stable.  All products have a batch number for easy identification and also a best used by date so you know you are getting the most viable product.
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