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dms soil - healthy thriving soil containing 60 plus earth trace minerals and a diverse population of all natural, living microbes and the enzymes they produce.

Microbes have been fine tuning and developing the planet for millions of years.  Unfortunately, due to human interference, soil microbes are very frequently unbalanced or even depleted altogether, greatly hindering the productivity of the soil and related plants.  Understanding how the soil complex functions as a unit is crucial to maximizing soil health and productivity. 

Whether you're managing crop lands, a golf course, your own lawn and garden, or soil remediation after an oil spill, no one microbe will do it all.  "Diversity is the Key".   Our complete line of liquid microbial products contain a diverse mixture of all naturally occurring soil microbes and include nitrogen fixers, antibiotic producers and degraders.  There are no genetically modified organisms in our products.

To further promote microbial diversity within the soil complex, we believe as well that it is equally important to produce and stimulate microbes indigenous to your locale, which is why we also produce a full line of aerated compost tea machines and biostimulants such as humic acid, fulvic acid, and kelp extract. 
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